Health3PT Directory Request

Request to include your organization in the Health 3rd Party Trust directory.

Organizations with HITRUST certifications can request their certifications be verified with HITRUST and listed in a directory, which will be published on the Health 3rd Party Trust website ( If your organization holds a HITRUST certification, or is currently working toward certification*, and would like to be listed, please complete the information in this form, and email your logo to 

What is the Health 3rd Party Trust Initiative?

The Health 3rd Party Trust (Health3PT) Initiative is a proactive group of organizations committed to reducing third-party information security risk with more reliable and efficient assurances.

The Health3PT Initiative is guided by a council of industry leaders from care providers, health systems, and others. The initiative and council members are committed to developing, recommending, and promoting a series of practices and solutions to effectively manage information security-related risks with supply chain vendors and service providers to protect patient information, electronic medical records, and business information.

Why should my organization be listed?

Participants in the Health3PT Initiative are committed to comprehensive, third-party risk management. When selecting organizations with which to do business, they may be especially motivated to consider organizations that have already achieved, or are working toward, HITRUST certification, making the onboarding process significantly more efficient.

Interested in joining the Health3PT initiative?

Team up with industry leaders to better manage vendor and service provider risk throughout the supply chain.

Membership in the Initiative provides a unique opportunity to share thoughts and exchange best practices while working alongside experienced risk management professionals and other healthcare industry leaders. The Initiative’s goals are to make significant progress with a standardized approach for obtaining, maintaining, and monitoring reliable information privacy and security assurances from third parties that reduces the need for proprietary questionnaires and redundant, single-use assessments.

Benefits - Health3PT members help to devise strategies to streamline third-party risk management and cybersecurity.  

  • Exchange best practices with your peers
  • Improve your security posture 
  • Eliminate inefficiencies by leveraging the collective brainpower of the Health3PT Initiative 
  • Influence the conversation about problems that impact the healthcare ecosystem
  • Participate in working groups focused on issues important to you 
  • Show leadership in a critical area of your business 
  • Be considered for future Health3PT leadership opportunities

*A HITRUST certification is defined as “in progress” when HITRUST is able to confirm that your organization has a reservation to submit a validated assessment in the next 12 months. An "in progress" certification status does not guarantee certification will be achieved. Progress should be reviewed periodically.